Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Scrapping Chiense Whisper via blogs

k this is how it works

Bridge will start the whisper by sending it on to the first person who wants to join in they then will scrap a LO using the design but putting there own touches to it and then they send it onto the next person and so the cycle begins, after we have all finished we can show off our pages and then link the participants in order so that there will be lots of blog hopping happening.
so what do you think
you could also advertise the whisper on your blog so we get lots of people to join in
so if you want to join in on my whisper pop your name down in the comment section
hope you can join in :)

since we have had such a huge response in 2 hours of me posting we have 13 with more people interested so we might have two rounds going at the same time i will keep you posted :)

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