Saturday, July 31, 2010

My first Giveaway

Well I have decided to take the plunge and have my first giveaway for everyone that is visiting my blog and leaving a comment :)

I am a Le Reve consultant and I have decided to giveaway a wonderful 200ml Celebrity Perfumed Body Shampoo in Y5.  {In the direction of Jennifer Lopez 'Glow after Dark', just beautiful.}
all you need to do is visit my blog and leave a comment During the month of August for a chance to win.  For extra chances link the giveaway to your blog, facebook account and let me know.

thank you all for visiting and leaving me your wonderful comments :)

Lots of love


  1. Just a gorgeous giveaway Noels!
    I love LeReve! Use the Aromatherapy heaps! xx

  2. What a lovely idea Noelene, thanx for the chance, cheers Annette xo

  3. Great Idea Noels - You know how much I love smelly stuff :)

  4. Thanks for the chance to win! and congrats on the scrapping wins lately.