Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What a start to my holidays

Wednesday i picked up my friend Mishelle from the airport, I haven't seen her in over 10yrs.  My holidays started friday morning..  Friday evening i went to a GIRLS NIGHT IN..  That was a great night, the hostess wanted to raise $200 and we did between 8 of us.
Saturday Chris played Cricket (no rain - his first few were wash outs).  Jill had her Grad 4 Highland dance exam.. No results yet
Saturday night we went out to the Down's Hotel with my sister in law and her husband for tea, then out to the Cube to show the local nightlife..  big Halloween party happening down there.  Was only suppose to be out for an hour or so.. got home at 3.30am

Sunday was the big party and after only a few hours sleep i still had about 80 cupcakes to ice... I got myself in a panic.. The Big halloween party (80's Horror) plus Surprise 40th went off without too many problems.. Everyone had fun party started at 12.30pm  hubby went to bed about 2.30am

bleeding hearts, dracula's bites, undead gingerbread, zombie hands
stuart's cake and lisa's cupcake tower

Scooby doo and cindy lauper

Monday was recovery Day.. And today we went down to the Downs Hotel for lunch and  a flutter on the melbourne cup... I won yeah picked first 3...

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