Saturday, February 12, 2011

5kg Scrappers Challenge

I have join a group of scrappers and we are challenging ourselves to lose 5kg. 
This is my weight etc this week...
My weight: 

This week so far i have done:
Monday:  Worked.. no soccer as was not feeling well
Tuesday: Worked
Wednesday:  Walked for hour and half, worked (the kids wanted a job so we are letter box dropping)
Thursday:  Walked for hour and half in the morning before work and and hour after work
Friday:  Walked for 3 hours in 3 different shifts.
Saturday & Sunday: hoping to do some dancing on the Wii and some workouts as well.  Will let  you know how i go next week.


  1. You go girl!! I started out well and then came to a complete halt. Lost 800gms then put it all back on. Today I am going to get real.

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