Monday, August 22, 2011

Bridge's 2

WAY back when..well i cant actually remember.. i joined in on Bridges whisper ( there was so much interest she needed to do 2 groups)... i was super excited and was last of group 2....   It was so long since we did the challenge i had actually forgotton the criteria:  we were asked to stay close to the design of the scrapper before them, there was a twist which was
* you can not use any more than 3 flowers ( OMG ) i hear some of you say !! (2)
*You need to use something that you found around the house (something that can not be bought in a scrap shop) ( handmade butterfly and handmade crochet flower)
 and you've probably just came from Kerry and well this is my interpretation of it


  1. The doily and lace add a lovely softness to your page. Very nice!

  2. whooo hooo well done Noels, love the soft lace. I actually forgot what my layout was but Bridge came to the rescue thank heavens lol