Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WOW big weekend

Saturday my darling son, had his first Grand Final for football (soccer).. They unfortunatly lost 3-1
Saturday night I went to a friend's surprise 50th.  Then met up with another friend for drinks for her birthday.

Sunday went to Brisbane for my darling daughters highland dance comp, we went early and rode the channel 7 big wheel at southbank.  Jill had a great result at the comp..best ever.

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  1. grrr, i just tried to post, but it didnt let me... i dont think, but if you get 2 posts from me, thats why.LOl... Congrats to your son for making the final. We had my sons grandfinal this weekend too, and they won !! Yay... i love highland dancing also, my cousin was really big in it a few yrs ago... Congrats to your daughter for doing so well.xx